About Me

Personal history of "making"

So, you might wonder what the deal is with the name of my website. Maker Miranda... Well, I've been making things for a while. A long while. It's all about seeing what I can accomplish with my own two hands. Sometimes it turns out much better than I thought. Sometimes it doesn't. But, I always put a part of myself into the process.

It all started with crochet. It was easy enough to get started. Just a hook, some instructions, and a ball of thread. It took up a lot of time without taking a lot of money. I even tried my hand at wood-burning early on for a gift or two.

Knitting came later, in college. Then tatting. Eventually some leather work. If I'm a "master" of any of them, I will admit I'm pretty skilled at crochet. Here is a project I'm particularly proud of completing. If you go to the Links section and click on the Pet Project, you can see this and other examples of my personal making.