The items in this section were all self-study labs. They were included here to demonstrate solutions to problems I originally coded in C#. Because I had a Celsius Converter, it seemed natural to have its counterpart.

Another Javascript example is the Countdown until my son comes home on the Home page that I researched on the internet and adapted for my own use.

This page also gave me a chance to play with different placements and colors of buttons in bootstrap. I think my favorite is the configuration I used for the Advanced Calculator. I may one day write a new Mad Lib to add to the page.

Mad Lib

If you haven't done a Mad Lib before, here's how it works. You enter your own words for the prompts below and click Generate for a unique story. Depending on the words you choose, the level of hilarity may be exceptional.

Converters and Calculators

I used this as an opportunity to also work with different button shapes, sizes, colors, and positions.

Celsius Converter

Enter a Celsius temperature to convert to Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit Converter

Enter a Fahrenheit temperature to convert to Celsius.

Area Converters

Calculate the area of a square, triangle, and/or a circle.



Ring Area Converter

Provide the inner and outer ring circumference for calculating the area of the ring.

Change Calculator

Provide a dollar amount, and I'll break it into quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.





Simple Calculator

Enter two numbers, then pick one or more action to perform on them.

Calculator (Advanced)

Enter two numbers, then pick an action to perform on them.